Moon move away and closer from Earth

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In Earth is proved that in history the magnetic field poles have changed – “At random intervals (averaging several hundred thousand years) the Earth’s field reverses” –

Also the actual polarity in Earth is inverted, so “in a physical sense actually a south magnetic pole.” – ,. because the Moon near make that the nucleus rotate inverted. Against this Venus has not magnetic field, Mars has various, “on Jupiter the north pole of the dipole is located in the planet’s northern hemisphere” –

Also that tidal forces act over the nucleus by Enceladus tidal forces (a moon of Saturn) with “the probe discovered a water-rich plume” and “proximity to the planet can then lead to tidal heating of the satellite’s interior” in

Also that inclined magnetic axis in relation to rotation axis is by Moon tidal forces in same relation that pulsars.

All this proof that the Moon sometimes move away from Earth (actually) and another times closer.

When Moon is near (actually) the hot nucleus like tides rotate inverted to rotation and by that the polarity is inverted, when the Moon move away then in a period the magnetic fields are several or to the equator and more away obtain the non inverted sense like other planets without our Moon (like Jupiter), later Moon begin another time to move closer to Earth.

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Author: Luis Biarge Baldellou


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