Life in Earth is by Moon

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Many astronomers and biologist say that live is according to habitable zone ( , not very near from the star and not very far from star in the ice zone to admit water in liquid form and temperatures not many lows.

But according to this Venus, Moon and Mars at least are into this zone … with different gravities but admit life but without water at all.

Earth only has an unique object, this is Moon, Earth is not so special, without water it would be very easy to Mars. But Moon provide many things to Earth:

1 – tides: A Moon so near and big like us give tides, and the tides give many more things: probably sea currents, facilitate live in the seas, … Also remember that live probably begin in seas and in seas tides and currents are very important, probably without theirs not would begin live in Earth. Remember that tides go in contrary direction to the rotation of Earth.

2 – Magnetic field: Earth has a bigger magnetic field that other similar planets and this magnetic field is necessary for the live we know ejecting particles (visible in Auroras). In part this information is grow later in other points. Now I can say that the magnetic field without the Moon would be less, and the live like we know is impossible without a big magnetic field like in Earth.

3 – Volcanoes and hot nucleus: volcanoes are not directly from Moon (like Mars) but without the Moon the volcanism duration is less in years (today Mars show not volcanism and against it Earth show many), in Venus maybe in actual time.Tidal forces are very big energy that can raise million of tones of water in the seas and also tidal in the nucleus of Earth, the seas are shorter that the nucleus by lands.

For point 2 and 3 we need to consider the Moon and the tides that make to the Earth nucleus (we see the tides in oceans) that is liquid in same form that oceans.

In same form that tides in the sea make a total rotation in 24 hours, probably occurs the same in the nucleus and this create our so big magnetic field that defend us in many forms.

A proof over hot nucleus can to be found in Enceladus tidal forces (a moon of Saturn) with “the probe discovered a water-rich plume” and “proximity to the planet can then lead to tidal heating of the satellite’s interior” in

Another proof, this for magnetic field, “”The Moon’s linear distance from the Earth is currently increasing at a rate of 3.82±0.07cm per year” –” – and also “According to Tarduno, the strength of Earth’s magnetic field “has been decreasing for at least 160 years at an alarming rate, leading some to speculate that we are heading toward a reversal.”” –  and according to this today “The gravitational attraction of the Sun on the Earth’s oceans is almost half that of the Moon” – because the Moon distance is increasing.

4 – Water: Mars also had water but has lose all less in ice form, in same form Earth without Moon and the magnetic field would lose all water in gas and liquid forms.

5 – Continental drift: Mars has volcanoes but static, by that has the bigger volcano known: Olympus Mons on Mars (“The Largest Volcano in the Solar System” – )

5 – In less quantity but also provide any few defense against meteorites like a defense.

6 – Axis inclination and 4 seasons from this: maybe in relation with the Moon, at least it’s in relation with inclination of the magnetic field in respect to the axis in same form that pulsars have inclined the magnetic field by tidal forces. Is probably that make change the axis inclination, with precession of 26000 years “due to the tidal forces exerted by the Sun and the Moon on the solid Earth” – , maybe life could exist without season but also with very cold zones, and by that at least seasons help life.

The difference of both axis (magnetic and rotation) also is a proof over the tidal forces from Moon to the nucleus in same form that in the pulsars.

Live need more conditions really but all this are important, another conditions are a quicker rotation for not have very cold nights (rotation in Mars is very close to Earth but without live), gravity (probably less important and in relation with  the biggest size of animals and vegetables into a certain values),  also help water or another liquid that compensate the differences in temperature in day and night by caloric power (but another time in past Mars had water).

Time of rotation and water make that the differences day-night in Earth is less bigger that in the other bodies near us: In Moon variation is from +110º to – 180ºC, Mars from +20º to -140ºC, Venus from +470º to +120ºC. But Mars day is very near to Earth.


Really in all the universe we know there is not other object like our Moon, so big and in a few distance from the planet in the habitable zone.

Our planet is the only we know with colors blue (water) and green (vegetation), but without the Moon would lose the water and without water the aspect would by like Mars. Mars in past is near sure had water.

I add 3 more other related hypotheses:

1 – “Moon move away and closer from Earth” in form that change the polarity, in other work because the magnetic polarity change and now the magnetic poles are inverted

2 – “The magnetic poles changes are by the Moon”.

3 – “The inclination of the magnetic axis from the rotational axis is by Moon”.

This is in relation to magnetic poles changes in history and that today the magnetic field of Earth is inverted, so north pole is “in a physical sense actually a south magnetic pole.” – , because the Moon near make that the nucleus rotate inverted. Against this Venus has not magnetic field, Mars has various, “on Jupiter the north pole of the dipole is located in the planet’s northern hemisphere” –

Know, supposing that I say is not true, I go to show any causalities (reduction at absurdum):

1 – The strength of Earth’s magnetic field “is decreasing and Moon distance is increasing so tidal forces decrease.

2 – Tidal forces in nucleus: Enceladus (a moon of Saturn) has tidal forces according “the probe discovered a water-rich plume” and “proximity to the planet can then lead to tidal heating of the satellite’s interior” in http://en.wikipedia….nceladus_(moon) – this give hot to the nucleus (at least to Enceladus).

3 – Inverted polarity of poles and tidal forces from Moon that make rotate the nucleus against rotation direction. Do you know another explanation?

4 – Changes in polarity of magnetic poles. Do you know another explanation?

5 – In habitable zone are also Venus and Mars without live, both in past had water.

6 – Liquid water: The Earth is the only planet we know with liquid water in present. This is probably only by our big magnetic field created by tidal forces from Moon. Probably in past Venus, Earth and Mars had liquid water, but only Earth had green (vegetation), today only Earth has liquid water.

7 – Life need very probably magnetic field and Earth has more that correspond by the size, Venus and Mars not have. Without Moon the magnetic field of Earth would to be less.


Author: Luis Biarge Baldellou


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