Dinosaur extinction was probably by Sun particles

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Author : Luis Biarge Baldellou – Email: lbiar@mail.com


Actual theory accepted today says that dinosaur extinction is by a meteorite but this has many problems.

A meteorite could to kill all animals or big animals but extinct all dinosaurs (less birds). Dinosaurs was big and also little (“Dinosaur size” in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinosaur_size  not say the moment but say that was so little like 30 cm).

Dinosaurs only exist on land, in the sea were reptiles.

After the extinction not exist none dinosaur, only the birds that are a branch considered a branch of the dinosaurs (“birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinosaur )

 So, 1 ask: How is possible that all dinosaurs disappear from a meteorite, same that of 30 cm but not birds and not other little animals?

 “the new extinction and impact dates are precise to within 11,000 years, the researchers said”  – in “New Evidence Suggests Comet or Asteroid Impact Was Last Straw for Dinosaurs” in http://paleontoriano.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/new-evidence-suggests-comet-or-asteroid.html  : this is to say that we today can extinct by a meteorite impacted in Earth made 11,000 years?

 In other words: What is the possibility that a total specie extinction by a meteorite and not the rest including any sub-specie like birds?


 My hypothesis:

 So is near or more probably that dinosaurs extinct by a big Sun particles eruption and more in time where the polarity magnetic is changing or with very low intensity in the magnetic field of the Earth.

In this situation an specie not well prepared for particles emission can extinct, against this specie others species that live in burrows have more protection and also any species like bird that may accept the radiation.

 That there are species that admit radiation is true, for example in the poles of the Earth there is not protection against the Sun particles eruption and live animals, also there are live bacteria that live in water of the nuclear reactors.

 Is probably that birds by admission of radiation or by making their nest in places with protection and very little animals that live in burrows could survive at Sun particles that cannot the dinosaurs that not make burrows. (also consider that not all species of birds and little animals need to survive for survive their specie).

 It’s known that in time of the dinosaur extinction survive many little animals include mammals (look with these terms: survive dinosaur extinction). Also it’s known that the Earth change the magnetic polarity and the magnetic field has variations and also that the Sun emission also has variations.

 This hypothesis maybe true o false, but it’s more probably that extinction by an asteroid.

 A criminal proof could to be proof Sun particles emission on birds, but maybe not because it’s probably that actual birds not admit theirs.


 Now consider the extinction is by asteroids?


–  Why are extinct all dinosaurs and same that little of 30 cm? Also flying dinosaurs different from birds?

 – Why not extinct the birds?

–  Why other little animals not are extinct in that time? All not extinct animals were less of 30 cm?

–  Why from a asteroid collapse to Earth from until 11,000 years old only an specie disappear and not all or none?

This hypothesis has relation with : Life in Earth is by Moon and The magnetic poles changes are by the Moon


Author: Luis Biarge Baldellou

Email: lbiar@mail.com

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